Worship is at the core of our humanity. We were created to “glorify God and to enjoy Him forever,” so we gather for corporate worship each Sunday morning.

What Do We Value in Worship?

We strive for our worship be characterized by five words: Relevant, Reverent, Vibrant, Biblical, and Historical.

  • Relevant– Since we are made for worship, every man, woman and child will worship something or someone. The Bible tells the story of God redeeming his people by saving us from our sin and sending us out for Kingdom work. This is the story for God’s people today; it is relevant for our lives now. As a result, we want worship to communicate these truths in an accessible way for people today.
  • Reverent– The Scriptures tell us that God is perfect, holy, just, good, all powerful, all knowing and eternal, it is no surprise that when we find people in the Bible meeting with Him, they fall to their knees. He is worthy of honor and respect, or reverence. We want our worship to be marked by “the weight of glory.”
  • Vibrant– As those who have been shown God’s love we cannot help but rejoice over his grace. Thus our worship is marked by heartfelt celebration.
  • Biblical – In obedience to God we seek to worship him as he has commanded and to include elements that Scripture teaches.
  • Historical– We recognize that we are not the first generation of believers to walk with God. We desire to humbly ask, “What can those that have gone before us teach us?” The people of God, commonly called the church, span the breadth of time and space. We seek to draw upon the rich resources of those who have gone before us by making use of ancient hymns, creeds and liturgical forms. Having worship that is tied to Christian history reminds us that God’s great work of redemption is far bigger and more diverse than our wildest dreams could imagine. We are a part of a great and glorious divine drama.

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