Life Explored

Life Explored

The Fall 2023 Class has been postponed. For more information on the class and its future offerings, reach out to Tobias Riggs at [email protected].

If someone asked you, “What are you living for?”, how would you respond? If your deepest hopes and dreams were fulfilled, are you confident that you’d be truly happy? Life Explored is an opportunity to enjoy seven evenings of good meals, stimulating conversation, and insightful exploration of some of life’s most significant questions, like these. Come join us as we explore together how God, in Christ, meets the longings of our hearts.

Come join us for rich food, fellowship, and conversation as we consider the question, What’s the best gift God could give you?

The Fall 2023 class has been postponed.

If you are interested in future offerings of this class, reach out to Tobias Riggs at [email protected].