Sunday School

Sunday School

All Sunday school classes meet at 10:00 am on Sunday mornings, between worship services. For more information contact Tobias Riggs at [email protected].

Current Classes for Adults
(through February 2022)

Gentle and Lowly

Taught by Tobias Riggs, Joseph Darwin, and Marcus Aguilar.

“On the rough, rocky, and often dark path between the ‘already’ and the ‘not yet,’ there is nothing your weary heart needs more than to know the beauty of the heart of Jesus…I have read no book that more carefully, thoroughly, and tenderly displays Christ’s heart than what Dane Ortlund has written.” So writes Paul Tripp about Dane Ortlund’s recent book, Gentle and Lowly. Come join us as we read and discuss this remarkable book and discover afresh the heart of our Savior. 

Intro to Reformed Theology

Taught by Bob Saville, Matthew Shaughnessy, and Larry Yeager.

This class will present the basics of Reformed Theology, hopefully in a manner that will be easily understood. Knowing what we believe encourages our faith and builds assurance. Dialogue and interaction will be encouraged.