Enfold Disability Ministry

Enfold Disability Ministry

At Christ the King, we believe that our members and visitors with disabilities are vital to corporate worship, fellowship, and biblical education. Disability can affect individuals in any walk of life and can include:

Physical disabilities
Intellectual disabilities
Neurological disabilities
Learning differences
Mental health disorders
Sensory disabilities
Chronic illness
Geriatric impairments
Behavioral challenges
Trauma-related concerns

Our Enfold team is focused on helping welcome all people into the life of our congregation. A quiet room is available during services for those who need a sensory break. We have large print Bibles and hearing assistance in services, as well as reserved seating for individuals or families who choose it. We are also working on providing adaptive items for all children to participate in Sunday School.

We are also seeking to educate our congregation through classes and book studies and to train more buddies to help kids with special needs participate in Sunday School classes.

Can we help you or your family member join in more fully with our congregation? Want to be part of this ministry? Email [email protected] for more information.