Jim Wissler

Jim Wissler

My family moved to the Roanoke area prior to my starting first grade and Roanoke was home until after I got married.  My family worshiped regularly and participated in church activities, so it seemed natural for me to join when I was young. I left the area to attend college and spend time as a Seabee in the Navy.   I returned to Roanoke after the Navy, got married, and completed my degree at VaTech.  My wife and I moved to the Shenandoah Valley and I worked there for 34 years.  When my job was eliminated in 2010, we moved to South Carolina where I continued to work for the same company.  My wife died un-expectantly in 2012. When I retired in 2018, I returned to Roanoke.

After school, military service, and marriage I started serving as an officer in the church first as a Deacon and later as an Elder.  This was what I understood was the expected thing to do if you were a Christian.  I participated in many church organized mission trips and other church activities.  It took a lay renewal weekend for me to understand that God was a personal God and wanted a personal relationship with me.  I continued to be active in the church and in church mission trips but put more effort into developing a relationship with God.  Since that time relationship has been more important than doing.  I still assist with many activities within and outside of the church.

The Holy Spirit is at work in my life teaching me to wait on God’s timing, that I am not in charge and to be grateful for my many blessings.

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